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Mikhail Ozerov
London / Moscow

Author, publicist and politologist. Has written 12 books on international affairs, winning several awards in the process. Also an author of feature and documentary films, a play, TV programmes, as well as hundreds of articles and essays.

In the book Who is Who in Russia and in the former USSR, published in Moscow and abroad, Mikhail Ozerov’s entry includes: “Prominent publicist, editor, script writer. Born in Moscow. Mikhail Ozerov graduated from Moscow State University’s Philological Faculty. He worked for the TASS news agency as a correspondent in Sri Lanka and then in Great Britain. He was a member of the board in the newspaper Sovetskaya Rossia in the period of its democratisation. He covered many visits of Soviet and Russian leaders abroad and summit meetings. He was the first foreign journalist in the world to arrive in Phnom Pen after the capital of Kampuchea had been freed from Pol Pot’s regime. His book From Greenwich to the Equator was published and reprinted many times.”

1988–1990—the First Deputy Editor-in-Chief of a monthly journal for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs titled International Affairs. Since 1991—Bureau Chief of Literaturnaya Gazeta and Komsomoslkaya Pravda in the UK.

2002–2004—the Editor-in-Chief of the English Edition of Russia in Global AffairsMembers of the Editorial Board of this journal are many leading Russian and foreign politicians and economists.

Since 2006—the Political Observer for the daily newspaper Izvestia.

Since 2003—Director of the Scientific Council of Politology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Since 2005—the Vice-President of the Association for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation. Regularly takes part in international conferences as a member of official delegations, both in Russia and abroad.

Has visited more than 70 countries, including numerous “hot spots”: Vietnam (in particular, during the war with China), Kampuchea, the Middle East, among others, and has written extensively about his experiences. Book I saw it was the fruit of his participation in Soviet-American summits (Geneva, Reykjavik, Washington and others).

For more than 20 years a constant theme of his writing has been the topic of international terrorism. The author managed to penetrate training basis for assassins and get inside terrorists camps. He met soldiers, neo-fascists and described the experiences in four documentary films, as well as in his written work.

Based in recent years in Great Britain, Mikhail Ozerov published a best-seller Stars of Albion. Meetings with inaccessible celebrities (2002). The book covers the author’s meetings with Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, Princess Diana, Paul McCartney and other famous Britons. ‘Want to get a taste of the flavour of The Queen’s reception?? To hear what well-known sci-fi writer Arthur Clarke thinks about the future of the mankind? Ozerov leaves practically no mysteries unsolved in the Foggy Albion’, one of the central Russian newspapers wrote about this book.

For From Greenwich to the Equator Mikhail Ozerov was awarded the Leninsky Komsomol Prize (1982). He is also a Laureate of the Union of Russian Journalists Prize for Professional Skill (2008). International prizes include the title of Master of Journalism (2007) awarded by Russian language media abroad.

Mikhail Ozerov is a member of the Union of Russian Writers and of the Union of Russian Journalists.

He speaks fluent German and English.